Project – Breuningerland

Breuningerland Ludwigsburg NewTec Lautsprecher

The Breuningerland concept consists of a shopping center with connected shops and restaurants. Both Ludwigsburg and Sindelfingen are the most profitable branch offices of Breuninger. Its restaurants were equipped with NewTec-WiFi systems within a few hours for a room-filling homogeneous sound system and display since then a cozy ambience.

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s.Oliver – Store concept im Bochum

s.Oliver Bochum NewTec Lautsprecher

Since the end of April, the s.Oliver Group has applied a digital signage concept in its store at the Ruhrpark Shopping Center in Bochum (Bochumer Ruhrparkzentrum) that emphasizes an innovative sales approach to better understand and continuously learn more about its customer base.

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Project – Karl Lagerfeld in Roermond & Provence

Karl Lagerfeld Provence NewTec Lautsprecher

KARL LAGERFELD’s expanding network includes over 80 mono-brand points of sale worldwide, plus a premium wholesale presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

This year has seen for instance the opening of several stores in Europe such as in Roermond in the Netherlands or in Miramas in France.

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Press – Sound in the stable

INTERSPORT Höcke NewTec Lautsprecher

Subsequently installed sound reinforcement at INTERSPORT Höcke in Torgau

At INTERSPORT Höcken in the Saxon town of Torgau, historic walls meet modern shop design and form a sales area with an unusual ambience. The sound in the shop is ensured by a design audio system which is based on simple assembly and robust wireless technology.

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Press – Music sells

Newtec lautsprecher wifi

Dds is a specialist magazine for carpenters, interior designers and window builders. In Issue 04/2017, you will find the main focus on current building solutions.

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Press – Emotional appeal and storytelling in store

PPM gmbH Store planung NewTec
The retail sector has officially become unimaginable without emotionalisation and storytelling. More than ever before, the customer journey is like an adventure that appeals to all the different senses.

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Project – Promenada Mall Bucharest

Promenada Mall Bukarest

Making your Point of Sale acoustically interesting, gives you satisfied clients eager to buy more. Many shops do use this psychoacoustical fact in the meantime. But only few shopping malls as a whole count on the power of music to make their public places more attractive.

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Fair – EuroShop 2017

NewTec EuroShop2017 speaker sound system

The EuroShop 2017 is now over and we would like to thank you very much for your visit to our stand.

We hope that the fair was as interesting and informative for you as it has been for us as an exhibitor. We really appreciated your interest in our audio solutions.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.
Greetings from Bolzano,

The NewTec Team

NewTec EuroShop2017 speaker sound system

Press – Striking the right note


Who nowadays runs through German inner cities and shopping centers, can easily notice almost everywhere music and sound. With good reason: the ears are instrumental in the evaluation of rooms, products and services. Music plays an important role in sales.

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Project – Hartlauer: the best sound from the very start!

NewTec Hartlauer Lautsprecher Österreich

Founded in 1971, the family-owned company Hartlauer is one of Austria’s most important commercial companies. The company is based on the four sectors “Photography”, “Mobile phone”, “Optics” and “Hearing aids”.

Hartlauer, whose headquarters is in Upper Austria, Steyr, currently employs over 1,450 employees in 160 stores. The pillars “optics” and “hearing aids” form an important part of the health care market for the company with the lion in the logo.

In the individual shops, they still worked without background music. This should change, however, since this plays a central role for the purchasing atmosphere.

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